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2R is a cantopop group in Hong Kong. The group consists of Race Wong and Rosanne Wong, two sisters raised in Singapore. Rosanne is the oldest sister.

They have a dedicated fan base and their recent albums, “2R Revolution” and "2R New + Best Selection", have been reasonably successful. The motion picture “Ab-Normal Beauty” (死亡寫真) starring the two sisters also earned Race Wong a “Best New Actor nomination" at the Hong Kong Film Award and Golden Horse Award.


Both of them were born in Malaysia but moved to Singapore with their family at very early ages. Rosanne was born on June 30, 1979, while Race was born on September 7, 1982. Before entering show business, they studied together at Fowlie Primary School, Tanjong Katong Secondary School, Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Western Australia. The pair were discovered by an agent during a singing contest in 1998 and were brought to Hong Kong. They eventually signed by Universal Music.

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